Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tribute to Dali

  • Okay, I said I'd post again if I got started, and I did, so I am.
  • I decided to try to paint my own version of one of Salvador Dali's watercolors. It's called Study For the Divine Comedy. It was a design for a series he did for the Italian government based on Dante's Divine Comedy. I've loved this piece for a long time, and I thought I'd try to do something with it.
  • Here's the painting:
  • I don't have a lot done, mostly just the basic sketch. Okay, only just the basic sketch. I haven't decided exactly where I want to go with this yet. Tomorrow I'll be off to the craft store to buy more paints and maybe some new brushes.
  • They have a really nice little table easel, but I'm watching my budget, so I think I'll do without this time.
  • I'll be posting more pictures as it gets more pretty. I promised I woul
  • dn't give up on this one, so pretty or not, it's going to get finished.
  • Here's my sketch:

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  1. Thanks for coming to my blog.
    Yeeeeaaaah, now I have somebody to watch in the art making process!
    Keep it up.
    Have a good one.