Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Books in 2012

One of my New Year's resolutions from last year was to read 50 books in 2012.
Did I achieve that goal? Yes and no. Let me tell you what I mean. I had originally set out to just read any 50 books, but as the year progressed and I got more and more into my reading, I decided that the only books that would count toward this goal were new books, ones I had never read before.
Sounds admirable right? (yeah, I know, I've got a huge ego)
Anyway, even though I read a total of 51 books this past year, only 37 of them were new to me.
It wasn't quite the accomplishment that I was hoping for, but I'm pretty proud of it nonetheless. It's a lot more than I read last year, and I enjoyed a much higher percentage of the books that I read.

And what books did I read? I'm so glad you asked.
Here is the definitive list of all of the "new" books that I read in 2012:

One thing that I'm really proud of is that I didn't abandon any books last year. If I started a book (with the exception of one book that I'm still in the middle of reading), I finished it. This is new for me, and something that I really wanted to work on.
Another project I'm working on is re-reading any book that I said I hated, and seeing if I still feel that way. The Great Gatsby fell under that category this time around, and I'm happy to say that while it's never going to be my favorite book, I have much more of an appreciation for it now after my latest read-through.

If you guys want reviews of any of these books (beside the handful I already did a long time ago), just let me know. I'd be happy to let you guys know what I thought of any of these books! 

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