Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Celebrating Valentine's Day

In case any of you wonderful folks out there were wondering how I spent my Valentine’s Day (and even if you weren’t…) I thought I’d post a quick little note about it.

In case you couldn’t guess, I made pink and red cupcakes to celebrate the holiday (and yes, I consider Valentine’s Day a holiday). I ate them with my boyfriend and then he made me macaroni and cheese for dinner. After which we curled up together and watched Moulin Rouge! I had never seen it before and I loved it. It’s sweet and sad and beautiful and yes, I cried like a baby.

The story is essentially about a young man who comes to Paris to write. He ends up falling in love with a prostitute/can-can dancer while writing a truly Bohemian play and avoiding the attention of a nasty Duke. If you like sappy-romantic-bawl your eyes out type movies, this one comes highly recommended. Or just if you like something a little bit trippy, with lots of loud music.

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