Thursday, February 25, 2010

Playing with Bones!

We're studying bones in my Anatomy & Physiology class, and so we get to play with bones! We get an assembled skull (fake), and a bone box (mostly fake). Here's the bone box:
And here's a close up of a few interesting bones; there's the mandible (jawbone), the sphenoid (a 'butterfly' shaped bone from your skull) and a few parietal bones (left and right): And finally some real bones! The big long one's a right humorous (the bone in your upper arm), the small ones are vertebrae (the one on the right is a cervical vertebrae and the one on the left is a thoracic [holds a rib] vertebrae), and the weird one with all the holes is a sacrum (5 fused vertebrae near the bottom of your spinal column): Also, happy birthday George Harrison!

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