Friday, January 21, 2011

Flash Fiction

A piece of Flash Fiction I wrote for my Writing Group . 150 words on the theme of Night:

It was just about 5:30. The sun had set and the moon had not yet risen. Nevertheless I could feel the change brewing inside me, its tidal pull too strong to ignore. I did a quick calculation, it was something I had become adept at, eight minutes to go. I began to strip down, shirt, pants, shoes, all put away in my duffel. A number of my favorite shirts had been sacrificed before I came up with that idea. Six minutes now. All the hair on my body was standing on end, perhaps caused by the raw energy now coursing through me. Four minutes. I got down on my hands and knees, scrapping them up a bit on the underbrush. Two minutes. My bones began to ache, preparing to stretch and shrink into new shapes. It was time, the full moon up above me, I howled at it in greeting.

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